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Case Study

Bellam Self Storage Rooftop Recommissioning


Kyocera 200W Panels Installed

55 kW

Peak System Output

Bringing a System

Back to Life


Bellam Self Storage called on Sunterra to recommission their existing, decade-old rooftop solar array. Recommissioning is the process of testing and, where needed, restoring an existing solar system that is not working up to spec, or in some cases, at all.

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We were able to keep the existing panels and mounts, while redesigning the electrical system and installing new inverters and PV panel optimizers. New high-efficiency inverters can monitor output at the panel level, giving us clear data about system performance. As the data shows, for the first time in 10 years, Bellam’s system is performing at peak capacity.

“There are countless legacy commercial solar installations throughout California. Businesses with capital value sitting on their rooftops and elsewhere, much of it going to waste. Having a system recommissioned can bring the value of your solar installation back on line.” - Chris Bunas

"Chris took the time to earn our trust, and understand what we wanted to accomplish with our solar installation. He presented a plan, and carried it out with minimal disruption. He was very considerate about our ability to run our business during the installation, and his team was efficient and polite. All in all, it was a pleasure having them on site, and I'd recommend Sunterra to other business owners." - Andree Jansheski, Owner, Bellam Storage

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