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Case Study

City of West Hollywood Automated Garage and Community Plaza Rooftop System

Map data: Google, Landsat / Copernicus


ET Solar 305W Panels Installed

52 kW

Peak System Output

Solar Powered

Parking Automation

A Rooftop Sustainability Superstructure

A modern and innovative solution to a chronic parking shortage in West Hollywood, the the Automated Garage and Community Center project had to meet the strict environmental environmental standards of the California Environmental Quality Act. Being automated, the garage makes highly efficient use of space, stacking cars and moving them around the structure mechanically.

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The architects were charged with creating an aesthetically pleasing building that included open community space and a sustainability demonstration garden. Sunterra was charged with maximizing the solar opportunity on a roof design that featured long structural spans that would exceed the abilities of most aluminium PV mounting systems.

Sunterra installed a heavy steel-tubing superstructure, mounting 170 panels within a challenging architectural design, well-integrated with the look and feel of the building.

“Whether you’re installing solar on an existing rooftop, or a new construction project, you’re often working with what you’re given, and always engineering with sound structural principles. This is a showcase public sector building, serving a public need while making a contemporary architectural statement. We’re proud to have collaborated on it.” - Chris Bunas

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