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Case Study

Cal Poly Pomona Solar Carport Canopy


Sunpower 345W Panels Installed

770 kW

Peak System Output


Faster Installation Time

New Construction, New Power Solution

Cal Poly Pomona proudly participates in the Second Nature Climate Commitment, as part of a network of leading higher education institutions. Sunterra was able to move Cal Poly closer to their solar goals quickly, turning a planned infrastructure construction project into a source of clean energy.

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Like many higher education institutions, Cal Poly has significant sustainability goals. A solar carport canopy installation can be an effective way of maximizing the sustainability opportunity presented by new construction.

Sunterra not only designed a system of over 2,000 panels for the upper deck of Cal Poly’s new parking structure. By utilizing our own panel-integrated framing design, we were able to reduce the installation time of the project by 50%, compared with installations that utilize separate panel and framing units.

“If you’re even thinking about building a parking structure, you have to be thinking solar. Talk to an expert, and see how you can get the most out of your infrastructure investment.” - Chris Bunas

“At CalPoly Pomona, we’re committed to demonstrating leadership in sustainability, with goals that include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels, and procuring 33% of our energy supply from renewable sources, both by 2020. What excited us about Sunterra’s design plan was a proposal to use their own, innovative canopy design and a commitment to utilizing the highest rated panels available at the time. This resulted in us converting significantly more sunlight and moving us that much closer to our ambitious energy efficiency goals. We asked a lot from a solar contractor, and Sunterra was able to deliver.” - Bruyn Bevans, Sr. Project Manager, Facilities, Planning, Design & Construction California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

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