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Case Study

SFSU Romberg Tiburon Center Carport Canopy


Sunpower 345W Panels Installed


LG 280W Panels Installed

53 kW

Peak System Output

Sea-Level Site

Focus on Foundations

When Existing Sites Demand Robust Engineering

Sunterra’s solar carport installation at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies demonstrates how a solar array can be effectively installed at an existing site, even when there are significant engineering challenges to address.

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The Tiburon Center is a waterfront site that has served as a fisheries plant, coaling station, nautical training school and Navy depot before becoming a San Francisco State University marine laboratory. Like much of San Francisco's coastline, the site is constructed on hundred year-old landfill.

The sea level location and landfill composition demanded that the carport was built on robust foundations. Sunterra removed existing parking curbs, drilled 20 bores for deep concrete/steel foundations, routed electrical conduit under existing planters and installed heavy duty pillars.

"The unique geography of the Bay Area makes for some exciting engineering challenges, especially on existing sites. We have the experience to manage them and deliver results." - Chris Bunas

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