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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Sunterra Solar’s public website. Sunterra is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to the website. As a result, you should be aware of the following information regarding data collection on this website.


Like most websites, we collect anonymous statistical information about the visitors who use the information and services we provide. The data we gather is used to analyze the performance of our hardware and software systems, determine the needs and interests of website visitors and improve the overall effectiveness of our website.

The type of information we collect includes:

  • Referring web domain (www.google.com, www.bing.net, etc.)
  • Internet connection’s IP address (, etc.)
  • Web browser brand and version (Internet Explorer 9.0 etc.)
  • Operating system and version (Windows XP, Linux, etc.)
  • Errors in the pages viewed (Hyperlink errors, missing pages, etc.)
  • Time required to open and view files


A cookie is a small text file containing a random and unique alphanumeric identifier that we transfer to your computer’s hard drive through your web browser (unless you set your browser to reject cookies) that enables our systems to recognize your browser. We do not store any personally identifiable information in cookies. In some cases our websites use browser cookies to maintain session and preference information, or provide other complex functionality. In some sites, cookies are used to capture IP addresses for statistical analysis. You may adjust your Internet browser to disable the use of cookies and other web technologies; however, some features of this website may be disabled (such as preferences selected during a previous visit) if you block these technologies.


Visitors to sunterrasolar.com are not required to enter personally identifiable information to view the website. If you provide your email address to Sunterra, we may include it in occasional email updates. You can opt out of our emails at any time by following the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email. Your data will be stored securely, and will never be sold to outside agencies. We do not collect or use this information for commercial marketing.


The sunterrasolar.com website contains links to external websites that are maintained by non-profit and private organizations. Links are provided as a convenience to our visitors and do not constitute an endorsement of content, viewpoint, policies, products or services of that website. Once you follow a link to a website that is not maintained by Sunterra Solar you are subject to the terms and conditions of use for that website, including its privacy policy. Sunterra Solar will not be held responsible for your experience of using third party websites.


Should you have questions about this Privacy Policy or other practices relating to our website please contact us by emailing info@sunterrasolar.com