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Solar For Commercial Businesses

A solar power system is a sound investment in your business future. We’re here to help you optimize your renewable energy ROI and make a smooth transition to solar technology.

Solar Makes Sense For Commercial Businesses

Whether you’ve set sustainable energy goals or simply want better ROI on your current power costs, the more you learn about commercial solar, the more sense it makes. What other investment can guarantee fixed costs for decades to come?

Typically, commercial solar power projects pay for themselves within three to five years, and continue to generate free power for the lifetime of the system, forty years or more.

Solar Makes Sense For California

Solar energy for business is a mature industry in the state of California. The California Solar Initiative accelerated the adoption of solar energy systems. Many public institutions have renewable energy mandates. Increasingly, innovative companies set sustainability goals. In many ways, we lead the nation in renewable energy generated by commercial solar panels.

The Time to Invest in Solar is Now

Solar incentives available today will not last forever, nor will the cost of solar panels significantly drop over time. The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is set to scale down in the coming years. Meanwhile, the global demand for solar panels and availability of raw materials has held commodity pricing relatively steady.

The sooner you make the move to solar, the sooner you benefit from predictable energy costs, and the sooner your solar project pays for itself. Solar energy for business is the smart choice.

From side assessment to engineering and installation, locking in incentives and connecting clients to commercial solar financing, we make everything about solar seamless for you.